5 Reasons Why FEED Projects is the Right Choice for Your Store

By choosing products that have a story, a purpose, and a benefit, we can create a huge impact.

Started in 2005 by celebrity Lauren Bush, FEED began with a simple desire to make good products that will in turn “feed” the world. By teaming with the United Nations’ World Food Programme’s School Feeding Program, FEED successfully made great progress in their mission by marketing their first canvas bag.

Since that time, however, FEED’s products and focus have greatly expanded. As new catastrophes of hunger have arisen around the globe, FEED has been quick to provide relief to any areas of the world that are in desperate need.

With this continual growth in the range of projects and products, customers are able to not only choose a bag or shirt but also choose where they would like to see their money go (or more specifically, to whichever country or event they would like to send support). What is even more wonderful about the organization is that despite beginning with a mainly international focus, FEED has also implemented numerous campaigns and programs to help improve the health/food issues here within the United States. For example, most recently, they have come out with the NYC Bag and Hoodie whose proceeds go to providing food assistance to those Hurricane Sandy survivors.

Hunger is a real issue - even in your own neighborhood. With that in mind, we’ve come up with a list of reasons why FEED is such a fantastic brand to put in your store. 

  1. One in seven people in the world will go to bed hungry this evening.
  2. When people are hungry and malnourished, they cannot learn, work, or care for their families.
  3. Lack of food is not the cause of hunger; in fact, there is enough food produced each year to feed everyone on the planet.
  4. The current food crisis disproportionately affects women and girls.
  5. Causes of hunger include: rising food prices, lack of agriculture infrastructure, climate change, natural disasters, and war. Poverty, though, is the main cause of hunger.

So, when deciding about whether or not to make the investment in a FEED product, it’s important to remember the power we have as a consumers. In today’s society, we now have such a remarkable ability to make a difference through our simple, everyday purchases. By choosing products that have a story, a purpose, and a benefit, we can create a huge impact. We can combine consumerism with intentionality and sustainability. We can FEED the world.

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Go Back to School w/ Feed

It’s that time of year again, and Feed is the perfect purse/bag brand to order for your customers who have young teen daughters that are looking to go back to school this year in style.

With a big selection of styles that range from classic to trendy, and a ton of fun color options to choose from, Feed can be the perfect choice for school. Feed has ultra durable backpacks with a multitude of pouches, zippers, compartments, and ways to wear, and even small hand bags that come in a rainbow of colors, and could double as make-up or pencil bags.

Feed Love Bag - $50 SRP. Provides 25 meals in areas affected by HIV/AIDS. 

Try matching your Feed bag color with your school colors, or even throw a custom, “GO BEARS!” or “SIC EM, TIGERS!” logo on your bags for that added flair that will really cause a stampede into YOUR store. 

Feed Health Backpack (Khaki) - $150 SRP. Provides the same backpack, filled with medical supplies and vaccines, for a UNICEF worker out in the field.

Feed Projects mission is to provide to less fortunate children all the over world by feeding children in school that would otherwise go hungry. So, to purchase Feed is to do good - which, as we’ve found, resonates so well with teens and young women. 

Feed Guatemala (Blue) - $50. Provides 15 school meals.

Make the choice this school year to stock your store with Feed bags! You, your customers, and your bottom line will be happy you did.  

The Forge Welcomes the DAN ELDON PROJECT as a New Brand Partner!

The Dan Eldon Project is a collection of clothing inspired by the life of artist, photographer and creative activist Dan Eldon, whose young life was cut short while on assignment for Reuters in Somalia at the age of 22. 

His legacy, found in 17 leather-bound journals filled with drawings, writings, and photographs, documented Dan’s enduring belief that everyone has the power to ignite positive change in the world through creativity.

Sales of Dan Eldon’s ultra soft, high style tees for men and women go to support the Dan Eldon Foundation, which provides resources, support and education to creative activists all over the world. 

View samples of the line and read more by clicking here.

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